Neal Farwell - composer - conductor

Neal Farwell - list of compositions

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From the Rising of the Sun
SSATB choir and organ
4 min

harp and percussion
6 min


flute, clarinet, saxophone, piano, cello, double bass
10 min

String Quartet
16 min

Bloodlines I
chamber orchestra ( - 1.1.1 - 2perc - pno - 4vln.2vla.2vc.db)
6 min

Melismas of Beginning
soprano voice, clarinet and percussion.
7 min

Standing & Sitting, or The Fiddler’s Elbow
a space-and-place game for improvising ensemble of 4-50 musicians
5-30 min

New Yorker Songs
soprano and chamber ensemble
c. 12 min

brass quintet and percussion
5 min

Acoustic + live electronics

live electronics, for high density loudspeaker array
(2016, 2018)
4 min

Gravity's Horizon
flute (doubling bass drum), piano, cello, and electronics
10 min

Rain From Other Seasons
baroque flute, harpsichord, viola da gamba, and electronics
c. 11 min

Songs and Shards
piano and electronics
16 min                [more info]

The Memory Toy  |  The Memory Toy (redux)  |  The Memory Toy, re-re-
5-20 musicians and computer processing
(2005 | 2009 | 2013)
6-7 min

trombone, trombonist and live electronics
14-18 min

Tell Me The Alphabet
percussion solo and obbligato electronics
10 min

piccolo / alto flute and electronics
11 min                [more info]

violin and electronic sounds
11 min

Gipsy fugue
the “funny fiddle”, a violin-like electronic performance instrument
7 min

Fixed media

Photographs of Water
multichannel fixed media
16 min                [more info]

Three Friends
18 min                [more info]

The Violence of Architecture
tape/video, with Simon Withers (filmmaker)
11 min

There are no sermons in stones
11 min


Wedding Bells
interactive sound installation for wedding reception

who’s in charge?
interactive installation for concert foyer


The Snow Queen
play by Stuart Patterson, directed by Jane Rutherford
(Maddermarket Theatre, Norwich, 1995)
fixed media
c. 1 hour of music

Nights at the Circus
new adaptation of Angela Carter novel
(UEA Studio Theatre, Norwich, 1995)
live band
c. 1 hour of music

The Duchess of Malfi
play by John Webster, directed by Jane Rutherford
(Maddermarket Theatre, Norwich, 1994)
solo violin
c. 30 min music